Monday, October 11, 2010

Home Study

Today we had our social worker come and visit our home. This is part of the home study process which we are almost done with. We need to proofread the study that she wrote on us and send our medical reports to her and then the home study will be complete.

I am so happy for this weekend and for the chance to think a little bit about the little girl who is in Russia who will be joining our family. Things have been going so well with us and we have been so busy with daily life, the boys, and Nadya that there hasn't been much time to focus on the adoption. This is in stark contrast to the last adoption where we celebrated every document being completed.

This weekend in our work to get most of the documents for our home study done we are really feeling that this adoption is moving along. In about 3 weeks our documents should go to interstate compact. Then we will get our endorsement letter. After that our documents will go to USCIS for about 10 weeks. During this time we will work on registration documents for Vladivostok. It appears we will register in Vlad around early February if we stay on track. Wow!!!! Really?? We might meet this little girl this summer? How very exciting.

So, that is what is going on with the Fritsche adoption. Joel has been busy with church and really helps out by getting the boys and Nadya to and from school and where they need to be after school. I have been busy with teaching 3 grades and getting ready for the end of the first quarter. We have had birthdays and lots of fun activities in the past month. All in all we praise God for His blessings and all the joy He has given us.

Joel, Clarion, Slav, Sergei, and Nadya