Friday, April 1, 2011

Maybe Next Week???

Well, we find ourselves at another Friday afternoon. We received an update from our agency again today, but not what we were hoping for. Another week has passed and the MOE has not reviewed our documents as of yet. Apparently there is some restructuring going on in the MOE office in Vlad and they are behind. Once again, we're hoping to hear something next week. We're thankful for our agency, that they keep us informed and updated, even when it's not the news we're hoping to hear. Please pray that our documents get reviewed next week so that our travel dates can be nailed down and we can soon be on our way to meet our little guy! Thanks!

Congrats to the Overstreets on their successful court hearing and Gotcha Day for their little one! Have a good weekend everyone!

Joel & Clarion


  1. I hope this coming week gives you some movement forward. I know all this waiting is hard - but I'm so glad you're getting another little boy and brother!!

  2. Seems like things are getting SO CLOSE!

    I was wondering if you would mind giving me your email address? I was hoping to ask you guys a couple questions since you have adopted 2 at once... thank you!

  3. Hi, Joel and Clarion!

    I just happened to check your old blog and read your exciting news, and hopped over here to see how things are going. I will pray for this new adventure! Hope all is well. Joel, did you know Mike Suelzle when you were still in St. Louis? He and his wife Beth moved here last summer from the sem.