Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We're so used to cutting things up in little bites for our children. Then came Andrei. He's not a big fan of having things cut up. He likes to just pick it up and dig right in. He does it with fruit. Last night it was a hot dog. And tonight it was corn-on-the-cob. He wanted nothing to do with the corn that Clarion had cut off the cob and put on his plate. He was reaching for a corn-on-the-cob. And he ate it! He's doing fairly well with food. He doesn't seem to be a big fan of meat, but it's probably because it's so new to him. Slav was like that too, and still is in many respects. Meat just isn't his favorite. I don't even think it's the taste. I think it's the texture.

Anyway, back to Andrei. All is going very well. We all seem to be adjusting nicely. Clarion took Andrei to the IA doctor in St. Louis last week for his first visit. Miraculously, he didn't need any vaccinations. Thanks to Sasha for translating his vaccination record from Russian into English. It proved enormously helpful at the doctor. They did, of course, have to draw blood. That he didn't like. But the doctor said that Andrei is quite healthy, just really really small, like off the charts small for his age. So, we've got him on Pediasure and are making sure he gets the foods and nutrients he needs to grow. He saw the dentist also last week and got a good report. Next week is the appointment with the eye doctor.

Wednesday Clarion will be going to our home study agency for a post-placement visit. The state of Illinois requires a post-placement report within a month of coming home. We expect it to go well. Andrei is an active boy, but we've had good training in that with Sergei, who remains very active. Clarion is enjoying her maternity leave and is definitely bonding with our new addition.

Prayers to all of you who are waiting and especially to the Booths who are in Vlad for court and for Kyle and Ashley who will soon be leaving for Vlad for court. God bless you all.


Joel, Clarion, Slav, Sergei & Andrei


  1. Andrei is absolutely adorable!! I love hearing that things are going well. It's such a beautiful thing that all 5 of you are HOME. :) What a gift!

  2. How nice to hear the progress already being made with little Andrei. We always look forward to your blog postings. God's blessings to you all!

  3. I've just started following your blog. We brought our son home from Krasnoyarsk in March of this year. We named him Andrei! (It was not his given Russian name though.) Your Andrei is precious! Congrats!

  4. So happy for you. I have been following your blog and can't wait for my husband and I to finally have our daughter home. We just just finished the registration in Russia. Please keep us in your prayers.

  5. Hi! I love reading your blog! We adopted from the same orphanage as you did and we came home in July. Your son was actually in the same group as our son, AJ, and we remember your son from our trip! In some of the pics you posted your son was actually wearing some of the same clothes/hats as our son! :-) AJ is also off the charts small and doesn't like meat! Our doctor suggested whole milk and Carnation Instant Breakfast to help put on the pounds, but AJs not much of a fan! Lol! Hope all goes well at the eye doctor, AJ has to have a MRI in November due to his head measuring small, but is otherwise doing great! I feel so lucky to have found your blog as I feel our boys spent a great deal of time together!