Friday, February 4, 2011

The Joys of Documents!

Hey, blogger friends! Well, I spoke too soon in my last post. We actually have had some similar document issues as the Overstreets had when they were working to get registered. Trying to get one document from DCFS Illinois with the correct wording about our home study agency proved to be somewhat difficult, but not horribly so. The letter with the correct wording finally arrived in our mailbox today. Our agency verified that it is indeed correct. However, I still need to get up to Springfield to have it apostilled. It's not going to happen today, so I'm hoping I can get there Monday and drop it in the mail to our agency immediately after. We'll see what the weather brings Sunday and Monday. Some snow is forecasted. The bulk of our documents are already on their way to Vlad, so the agency will send this letter along with a couple of other items and we should (fingers crossed!) have everything needed for registration. You all know how much fun documents can be. I must say, however, that we haven't redone as many documents during this adoption as we did during our last one.

Unfortunately, even if we are registered this month or next month, it still appears that we won't travel to meet our little guy until late April. That's when his legal paperwork is supposed to be ready. If you could, please pray that the Lord would allow us to go sooner that that. We've certainly learned how to be patient and wait, but you waiting families know how it goes. Once you've seen your little one's picture, received a medical report, etc. it's hard to wait and wait and wait. Thankfully, the Lord works good things in the midst of waiting, although not always easy to see that until later. God bless you all!

Joel & Clarion

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  1. Glad you got the updated document. The paperwork still makes me gringe. Who knows......maybe we will end up in Vlad together!