Friday, February 11, 2011

A Nice Surprise!

So we received a nice surprise in our inbox this past Wednesday, as did a couple other families who are adopting through our agency from the same region. We received some unexpected pictures of our little guy. Here he is, at least as much of him as we can post on the blog! Hoping to go meet him soon, probably April. We just can't wait. All of our papers for registration have been turned in and should be on their way to Russia. We'll post when we're registered. Thanks for your prayers! Check out those cute little dimples!


Clarion and Joel


  1. Look at those cheeks! Adorable! I love that we got the pictures. I was sure in need of something like that!

  2. oh my! He looks like a cutie! Glad you came across our blog...thanks for the encouragement. We will keep you and your precious family in our prayers as well.