Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Document Left

Well, it's been a couple weeks since our last post. The documents we sent to the agency a few weeks ago are in Vladivostok with our local facilitator and translator. That's about half of our docs needed for court. We've spent the last couple of weeks getting psych and medical documents, clearances and a few other docs together. Yesterday we dropped everything off at the UPS store to send to our agency. Only one document remains. We're still waiting for Clarion's FBI clearance. It was delayed since the FBI rejected her original set of fingerprints. She spoke with a nice lady at the FBI this morning. They've located her new set of prints and are expediting them. We should have the clearance soon! Everything seems to be on track. When the agency receives our documents later this week they'll check them over and make sure everything looks good. Then, as soon as we get them Clarion's clearance, we should be good to go. I'll probably know more next week after we get the clearance submitted and I speak with our agency representative.

In the meantime we've had a busy couple of weeks. Nadya was able to participate in the graduation ceremonies at the high school here in town. They classified her as a Senior and let her walk, but she still has to complete another year of high school back home in Russia next year. They won't count her year here in the states. School is now out. We went to Grant's Farm in St. Louis a week ago. We'd been there before, but not with Nadya. She was dying to see the Clydesdales. Clarion is already preparing for next school year. Joel has been busy conducting funerals at church. Tomorrow is his third funeral in three weeks.

All is well. We hope and pray that the waiting won't be too long. We're hoping to return to Vlad in August. We'll see. Things seem to be progressing as well as can be for that to happen. Please continue to pray for us and for our little guy over in the baby home. Thank you! Your prayers mean a lot to us. Our prayers continue to ascend to our heavenly Father for all waiting families! And congrats to all of you who have brought your children home in the last few months. We're enjoying reading your blogs! God bless!

Joel and Clarion


  1. Getting closer! Seeing the goats at Grant Farms reminds me of going thre with the Pitmans two years ago. The goats chewed my sundress and Madison thought that was hilarious. Keep busy with the summer fun. Your court date will be here before you know it!
    ~Heather (blogger/google is having issues with signing in for comments!)

  2. We were there the week after you guys! So exciting for you all. We're waiting for our court date, hopefully in 8 weeks or so. Good luck! Maybe we will see you there ;)