Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting "psyched" up!

We're making progress, blogger friends! This morning Joel got his blood drawn in preparation for his upcoming physical this Thursday. Clarion's physical is scheduled for this Friday. Slav and Sergei have their physicals scheduled for the middle of next week.

This afternoon we headed to St. Louis to visit our friendly psychologist. He handled our evaluation back in 2008 when we adopted Slav and Sergei, so he knows the routine. The requirements have changed slightly since our last adoption, but I think we have everything ironed out. He has step-by-step instructions with meticulous detail. We'll pick up the completed documents early next week. Then we can check that off of the list.

The documents we had apostilled a week ago made their way to our agency. Our facilitator said that everything was in order with all of them and went ahead and Fed-Exed them to Vladivostok so that Lana can get started on the translations. The remainder of our documents should be ready to go within the next ten days to two weeks. We're still waiting for state clearances and Clarion's FBI clearance. We're hoping and praying that they arrive in our timeline. It's all optimistic, of course. All things will happen in the Lord's good time. Thanks be to God! We'll keep you posted. Blessings to you all!


Joel & Clarion


  1. Sounds like you guys are right on track! Praying that you get a quick court date to get that new baby boy home where he belongs!!! :)

  2. so exciting to hear things are moving! I have so enjoying watching and participating in your journey from a distance. I continue to pray for you and your family of FIVE!

  3. I think you are adopting from the same orphanage as I was adopting from (based on the pictures- right outside the door to the play room, is there turtles, a hampster, and a fish?). I traveled there last April. I was told that my daughter was adopted by a Russian before I could finalize. I am so excited when I see others adopting from the same orphanage. The children there were amazing, and well cared for. I may have pictures, as I took pictures of all of the children. I was wondering if you may have pictures of "my" little girl from your trip. My heart still aches for her. I have three other daughters (two adopted) that were in love with her also. Anyway, if you can email me, I can send you pictures from my trip. God will be safe in His arms!