Monday, July 11, 2011

Documents Submitted!

It's been a crazy day, but a good one. We received some very good news today! Our agency informed us that our documents were submitted to the court today. They won't officially be registered until tomorrow because new cases are only registered on Tuesdays. We remembered that one from the last time we did this.

What happens now? It usually takes at least a week for the judge to be assigned. Once the judge is assigned, she has 60 days to review our case before setting a court date. Thankfully, it does not usually take 60 days, more like a week or two. So, we might be receiving news of a court date by the end of the month. She may or may not request more documentation from us. We hope she doesn't. For now, more waiting. More praying. Thank you for your prayers!

We even received another picture of our little guy today along with the good news. Here's what we can share:


  1. wonderful, wonderful news!!! Praise the Lord! I love it that they are sending you photos. What a special gift.

  2. I just found your blog again and CONGRATS on #2!! So exciting. Seeing your pics of Artem just brings back such emotions for me. Despite our troubled journey to get back for court, those visits at Artem were all just soooo special :o)

    What a good agency you have. In the 13 month wait for our court date our agency gave us a grand total of ONE (terrible) picture at my bugging them!! UGH, they were awful.

    Can't wait to hear share in this last leg of your journey to your son.