Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Year Post Placement

Today was our three-year post placement visit for Slav & Sergei. It's so hard to believe that it's been three years. Our court date to bring home their little brother is almost three years to the day from their 2008 court date. Today's visit went very well. These post placement visits are so important for the folks in Russia and for the future of Russian adoptions by Americans. It lets them see how well the children are doing, the majority of the children. Of course, you can read the countless number of blogs out there to see it for yourself, but these reports are official, done by social workers, signed, notarized, apostilled, etc. etc.

Since our family won't be together to celebrate "gotcha day" for Slav & Sergei, we had a nice evening out. Dinner at the mall! How exciting. Everyone gets to choose what they want. I had Thai chicken. The dude with the free sample got me. Anyway, we did a little shopping as well. The boys needed new jeans for school, which is right around the corner. We needed a new luggage set as we prepare for our upcoming trip. So we got it all done tonight.

When we got home and checked out our new suitcases, guess who decided they could fit inside and accompany us to Russia. I so wish we could take the boys! It's just not a good option for us right now. I would totally do it if the timing were better and our bank balance was a bit higher. Someday, when the boys are a bit older, I know we'll all go back to Vlad. I told Irina, our in-country coordinator, that several of us families, especially those who have adopted twice from Vlad, will all come back together one day and have a big reunion there. That would be cool.

This 53 lb. boy would never pass the weight limit at the check-in counter!

This 43 lb. boy would never stay still long enough in the suitcase.

So today three years of post placement reports come to an end. Soon, three more years will begin. We're just a little over two weeks from departure. Thank you all for your prayers, especially our beloved church members at Zion Lutheran in Staunton who have prayed for us, loved us and supported us from day one. Thanks be to God for all of you!


Joel, Clarion, Slav and Sergei


  1. How quickly time flies! The boys in the luggage makes for great pictures :-)

    I haven't had a chance to look through my pictures from your visit yet. Hope all of the last minute details are coming together.

  2. How cute! I know you will miss the time being apart. But it will all be worth it when you return home to reunite the three brothers. Exciting times ahead!

  3. Vika and I would love to be part of that Vlad reunion. I've already been telling Irina on facebook that I want to plan a special trip for Vika in a few years to see where she is from and hope that we can see her, too.