Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello from the VMI

Well, we're here. The flight from Moscow to Vladivostok was fine. We actually got a fair amount of sleep during the flight, but we're both still exhausted. It was raining when we landed. Irina got the car as close as she could to the terminal and we bolted into the rain, loaded our luggage and were on our way. We stopped at Lana's to drop off some documents we brought for court that need to be translated. Then we made our way to the Vlad Inn. Irina got us checked in. We're in a regular room for our first few days, then we should have a suite with a kitchenette. Cool.

We decided right away to Skype with the boys back home. It was good to see them and hear that things are going well. After unpacking some things, we decided to walk down to the store. We were surprised to find some of the shelves rather bare. The soda cooler was empty. No diet coke in sight. Uggh! At least I had an extra one from the flight that I stashed in my backpack. Clarion managed to find some Pepsi. To each his own, I guess. We purchased a few munchies and made our way back. Fortunately, the rain stopped. After putting away our groceries, we decided to eat at the VMI restaurant. Stewed potatoes and pork with Olivier salad was on the staff menu today. It was good. Clarion stuck with her usual menu picks. Today it was the club sandwich. I tend to enjoy the local cuisine, so I'll be trying a number of things on the menu. I think I'll pass on the pickled beet salad though this time around.

After lunch we decided it was nap time. We set the alarm for a two-hour nap. Clarion managed to get up when the alarm went off. I couldn't quite drag myself out of the bed. She took a bath, then made me get up after she was done. So I took a shower. Now we're just chilling out. She's watching a movie on the iPod. I've been reading. We could easily go back to sleep, but we're trying to stay awake. We'll see how it goes. I have a feeling we'll be back asleep before too long.

Big day tomorrow. We'll go to the baby home right away in the morning to see our little guy. That was a nice surprise to find out we'd be seeing him so quickly. We thought we might have to wait until Wednesday. So, baby home around 9am. Then we have our medicals downtown at 4pm tomorrow. It'll be a relief when that's done. We should get to see our little guy one more time before court, either Wednesday or Thursday. Our agency has another family coming on Wednesday. We both have court Friday morning, like 10am and 11am. The judge wants to hear both cases before lunch, so hopefully it'll be short and sweet.

Anyway, that's all for now. We'll try to post again sometime tomorrow after our day's activities are done. Good to be back in Vlad! Paka paka!

Joel & Clarion


  1. yeah! Back at the VMI! Praying for a blessed reunion with your little guy and uneventful medicals.

  2. Yeah! I am so excited for you! I just started following your blog, my husband and I leave tomorrow for Moscow to pick up our son. Maybe we will run into you when you return back to Moscow.

  3. So thankful that you are back in Vlad!!! If you get really brave try the nachos from the White Rabbit. Or not. If you like rancid chips you'd love them!!! Maybe they have a new bag of chips open til now. ;) Hope your medicals go well. Too bad it's not winter. Ours were beyond simple due to the chilly rooms. :) We didn't complain.
    Praying your reunion with your little boy goes well!!

  4. We are glad you made it safely and hope you have a great visit with your little one tomorrow!